artist's conk mushroom

Artist's Conk Mushroom

  • Kingdom …….Fungi
  • Phylum………..Basidiomycota
  • Class …………..Agaricomycetes
  • Family …….Ganodermataceae
  • Genus………….Ganoderma
  • Species ………Ganoderma applanatum

Artist’s Conk Mushroom (Ganoderma applanatum) is commonly referred to by various names such as artist’s mushroom, artist’s conk mushroom, artist’s shell mushroom and bear bread mushroom. The Artist’s conk mushroom name is taken because it is easily drawn on a canvas or a blank table. Today it is still used by artists. The artist’s conk mushroom is usually grown on trees. It is known as the type of mushroom that destroys woods. Artist’s Conk Mushroom (Ganoderma applanatum) is seen on trees all seasons of the year. The artist’s conk mushroom is a long-lived, hard and ligneous mushroom species. They have a greyish white colour and a matte texture when they first start to grow.

The colour and texture of this mushroom turn into brown after it has been sprouted. They live together with the trees, they become partners in the absorption of water and nutrients. As time progresses, they begin to decay the trees they live in. For this reason, the artist’s conk mushrooms are very beneficial from an ecological point of view. Since the meat is very thick and hard, it is not an edible mushroom type. Artist’s conk mushroom is one of the major mushroom species for traditional East Asian medicine. They especially cause the decay and death of beech and poplar trees. They can be seen on tree species such as apple, elm, chestnut, oak, walnut, willow, spruce. The artist’s conk mushroom contains components with anti-tumor and antibacterial properties and is used for centuries in traditional medicines, especially in China and Japan.

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