enokitake mushroom

Enokitake mushroom

  • Kingdom …….. Fungi
  • Phylum…………Basidiomycota
  • Class ……………Agaricomycetes
  • Family ………….Physalacriaceae
  • Genus……………Flammulina
  • Species ………..Flammulina velutipes

Enokitake mushroom which grow in the wild is called lily mushrooms, sea mushrooms, winter mushrooms, velvet mushrooms, velvetleaf mushrooms. It is one of the types of fungi that are cultivated commercially. The cultivation of this mushroom is known by names such as enokitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, enokidake mushroom. The Enokitake mushroom that grows in different environments has different colour properties. For example, the enokitake mushrooms that grow in sunlight has a dark brown colour, while the enoki mushrooms deprived of sunlight usually have a white colour. Enokitake mushroom grown on fungi farms have a thin, long, and small hat. In the wild, they are larger and flat.

It is a type of mushroom that is unique to East Asia and Far East Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam). It is widely consumed in the kitchens of these countries. Enokitake mushrooms (Flammulina velutipes) are very beneficial to human health. It is an excellent antioxidant source. They strengthen the immune system. Enokitake mushrooms are used extensively in the treatment of cancer diseases. This mushroom is also used as medicine for various diseases such as liver, stomach, high cholesterol. It is also known to have the anti-ageing effect. When consumed raw, it has been proven that it contains more than twice as much fibre as the cabbage fibre. We recommend that you eat Enokitake mushrooms regularly.

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