horse mushroom

Horse Mushroom

  • Kingdom ……..Fungi
  • Phylum…………Deuteromycota
  • Class ……………Agaricomycetes
  • Family ………….Agaricaceae
  • Genus……………Agaricus
  • Species ………..Agaricus arvensis

Horse mushroom (Agaricus arvensis) belongs to the family Agaricus and has a wonderful flavour. They are found in Europe, America, Asia, Australia. They are also known as aniseed mushrooms or horse mushrooms among Europeans, Americans and Asian people. In Australia, it is known as almond mushroom or snowball mushroom. They take the name of horse mushroom because it is grown easily in the vicinity of horse farms in some regions. The anise mushroom name is taken from the anise-like scent secreted by dark-coloured spores when mature. It is one of the largest species of the Agaricus family. Agaricus arvensis (most commonly known as horse mushrooms), a white mushroom that has spores close to the chocolate brown colour.

Horse Mushroom (Agaricus arvensis) is a much more delicious mushroom species than the white mushroom (Agaricus bisporus). They are often used in American and East Asian cuisines. It is an indispensable type of mushroom for some kitchens due to its intense anise taste. We recommend that you consume horse mushrooms that you find in the wild within a short period. Horse mushrooms are especially common in England, Iran and North America. In these regions, they usually appear in rich meadow areas from early July to early November. Sometimes it can be mixed because of similarities with grass mushroom (Agaricus campestris) or a few poisonous Agaricus. So, if you can not be sure that the mushroom you find in the wild is a hundred percent horse mushroom, we recommend you ask an expert before you eat.

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