oyster mushroom

Oyster Mushroom

  • Kingdom ……..Fungi
  • Phylum…………Basidiomycota
  • Class ……………Agaricomycetes
  • Family ………….Pleurotaceae
  • Genus……………Pleurotus
  • Species ………..Pleurotus ostreatus

Oyster mushroom commonly known as the oyster mushroom, grey oyster mushroom and tree oyster mushroom. It is one of the most known mushrooms in the world. Oyster mushrooms are grown everywhere in the world if proper conditions are met. The commercial cultivation of oyster mushrooms has become popular recently since it is very easy to cultivate. They grow in clusters on dead logs or on trees in the wild. Oyster mushrooms can grow on hardwoods (beech, oak, poplar, maple etc.) all year round at suitable temperatures. It is one of the most consumed types of mushrooms in the world cuisines. Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushrooms ) is a unique odour, usually defined as sweet or aniseed or liquorice, and has excellent taste.

Oyster mushrooms reduce cholesterol and have the anti-tumour effect. Oyster mushrooms is a medicine approved by the health ministries in most countries because it lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. In addition, oyster mushrooms encourage the fight against cancer by strengthening the immune system. Oyster mushrooms are a type of mushroom that you can find on the market easily and we recommend you to consume on a regular basis. In the wild, spring and autumn months, oyster mushrooms can be found easily in tree logs. Oyster mushrooms are a type of mushroom that you can easily grow even at home, so consumption and cultivation are increasing day by day.

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