saffron milk cap

Saffron Milk Cap

  • Kingdom …….Fungi
  • Phylum………..Basidiomycota
  • Class …………..Agaricomycetes
  • Family …………Russulaceae
  • Genus…………..Lactarius
  • Species ……….Lactarius deliciosus

Saffron Milk Cap mushroom (Lactarius deliciosus) is known by various names such as pine mushroom, red pine mushroom, saffron milk mushroom, bloody mushroom. As we will use the name of Saffron Milk Cap for this fungus. ”Deliciosus” means tasty in the Latin language, and indicates how delicious and valuable this mushroom is. In the wild, they especially wait for the end of the summer rain. Saffron milk cap mushrooms are harvested from August to the middle of October. Saffron milk cap mushrooms grow especially in the acidic soil beneath the coniferous pine trees and love to hide under the ground until it rains. They are also found under the fir trees and the beech trees.

Saffron milk cap (Lactarius deliciosus) usually has an orange coloured hat. Saffron milk cap mushrooms are crispy and highly flavoured mushrooms. Because they are located in many regions of the world, they are an important ingredient in the kitchens of many countries. Due to they grow in many regions of the world, they are an important ingredient in the kitchens of many countries. They are widely used in Turkish, Russian and Polish cuisines. Saffron milk cap mushroom is one of the mushroom species that is sold at a high price. Saffron milk cap mushroom has anti-bacterial properties. Saffron milk cap mushrooms also a very rich source of antioxidants. It is a type of mushroom you can eat fresh. If you are not sure that the mushrooms you find in the wild are 100% Saffron milk cap, we advise you to avoid consuming them.

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