shiitake mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom

  • Kingdom………Fungi
  • Phylum………..Basidiomycota
  • Class……………Agaricomycetes
  • Family …………Marasmiaceae
  • Genus…………..Lentinula
  • Species ……….Lentinula edodes

Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) Mushrooms are known by various names such as forest mushroom, shiitake mushroom, hardwood mushroom, Shiang-gu, oak wood mushroom, men’s mushroom, black forest mushroom. It is one of the most important fungi cultivated commercially in the world. As we prefer the name of shiitake mushrooms. The natural growth areas of Shiitake mushrooms are the hot and humid regions of South-East and Far East Asia. It is known that shitake mushrooms have been cultivated in China and Japan for 2000 years. These two countries make 95% of world production. Shiitake mushrooms taste is 10 times more delicious than the button mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) have an important privilege in Asian food.

Shiitake mushrooms are distinguished from other mushroom species by its rich texture and smoky taste. As they can be consumed raw, they can be kept for 2 weeks when the shiitake mushrooms are wrapped in a moist paper towel and placed in the refrigerator. We recommend that you consume Shiitake mushrooms fresh. It is a type of mushroom which is very useful medically. The strong components in the shiitake mushrooms increase the defence of the body against inflammation, tumour, harmful viruses. They are also very rich in copper, pantothenic acid, and selenium content. Shiitake mushrooms are considered to be a vitamin B storage. We recommend that you consume shiitake mushrooms regularly, which has great taste and rich content.

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