Truffle Mushroom

  • Kingdom ……….Fungi
  • Phylum…………..Ascomycota
  • Class ……………..Pezizomycetes
  • Family ……………Tuberaceae
  • Genus……………..Tuber
  • Species ………….Tuber melanosporum

Truffle Mushrooms (Tuber melanosporum) are commonly known as truffle, the diamond of the kitchen, fairy diamond, diamond mushroom. The Truffle Mushrooms grow in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America. Truffle mushrooms are the most expensive mushrooms in the world, and there are two types, black and white. Black truffle mushrooms are known as ” black diamonds ”. It is nearly impossible to cultivate commercially. They grow under the ground, attached to the roots of trees. Truffle mushrooms need the right tree roots to grow, a little rain and perfect temperature. Truffle Mushrooms are generally round-shaped mushrooms, which can range from a walnut size to a human fist size.

Truffle Mushrooms (Tuber melanosporum) are used in the most exclusive dishes in French and Italian cuisine. The flavour can be deeper and aromatic depending on the season and the place where it grew. In order to enjoy the extraordinary taste of truffle mushrooms, it is necessary to eat fresh and uncooked shortly after harvesting. The taste of truffle mushrooms is decreased over time and needs to be consumed quickly. It is very difficult to find truffle mushrooms in the wild. To find truffle mushrooms in the wild, trained dogs with a high sense of smell are often used. Private companies train and use many people and animals for finding truffle mushrooms. Due to excessive demand in Europe, the amount of truffle mushroom harvested is gradually decreasing and its price is increasing day by day.

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